Develop, lead and engage staff to improve performance

Collaborative Innovations provides consultation and delivery of organisational development, business advisory, communication, coaching and training solutions for private and public sector organisations and individuals.

We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach and innovative solutions, and highly value our long-term client relationships and quality service delivery.

Creating and maintaining a high performing business requires an integrated and consistent approach. Collaborative Innovations aims to work in partnership with your business to achieve the highest level performance.

Collaborative Innovations works with you to deliver:


Authentic accountable leaders that get the best from people.


Committed individuals motivated to achieve your business vision.


Collaborative teams with effective interpersonal skills.


Strategic alignment for greater business results.

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An integrated and consistent approach to the human side of business

Creating and maintaining a high performing business requires an integrated and consistent approach.

Clarity around goals and best practice is essential. This means your organisation should have a shared purpose, shared meaning, congruent leadership, shared values and shared vision.

Alongside this, your people must have highly proficient technical and relationship management skills such as:

  • Positive and collaborative attitudes
  • Effective communication
  • Conflict management skills
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment to ongoing learning and practice

Collaborative Innovations will work in partnership with your business to achieve these skills, behaviours and outcomes and gain the highest level of performance across your organisation.

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Our guiding principles in building a partnership with you are:

High quality trusting relationships matter.

Everything is interconnected and relies on good communication to work.

Passion produces energy and lifts performance.

Underpins everything we do.

Hello, I’m Marie Richards-Hodge, Business Facilitator, Trainer, Advisor & Coach.

High performing businesses do not exist without high performing people, and the most direct path to success and excellence in your organisation is to leverage the ability of your people to be star performers.

I work with people to achieve personal and professional excellence, and help develop motivated, engaged teams and staff with the emotional and self-management tools to add immense value to the businesses and organisations they belong to.

All human goals and challenges are different, so listening is very important to what I do. As a facilitator, coach and business advisor, my work is customised to the unique needs of each client, each group, and each situation, while also being designed to deliver on organisational objectives and strategic vision.

Over 20 years consulting with leaders and managers, writing and presenting workshops and tertiary programmes, performing in senior management roles, and owning successful businesses has given me a sound theoretical base as well as very broad practical experience. I am constantly learning and building my expertise, and can offer many different tools, strategies and approaches to find a development solution that works for your business and people.

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Marie facilitated change management workshops for our leadership teams around the country earlier this year. The feedback from these was overwhelmingly positive, with key themes being around Marie’s passion and enthusiasm, her ability to keep up the energy and attention of the group, and her experience and depth of knowledge.

At a time of rapid change in our business these workshops gave our managers some real insights into their own roles and influences during these change processes, and some practical takeaways in terms of some new options and ideas to work through with their teams and support them through these changes.

I would highly recommend engaging Marie in this aspect of facilitation; in fact we hope to do so again very soon!

Rachael Bryant, Organisational Development Manager, Fairfax Media