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Leadership Development

We feel extraordinarily grateful that Marie Richards- Hodge is the facilitator of our Leadership Development programme. Marie has the ability to listen, along with the experience and the wisdom to help us develop content that meets our hopes and expectations. Our focus has been on ‘to know self is to know others’, this has been successfully supported through the use of tools such as MBTI, Emotional Intelligence and Radical Collaboration.

Marie’s facilitation skills are wide-ranging, when confronted with challenges that inevitably occur in a training situation you see the talents of the facilitator at play. In Marie I have never been disappointed.

We have also been fortunate to call on Marie’s considerable coaching skills, which have provided many insights for our managers leading to successful outcomes for them and their teams.

Perhaps the best way to really understand the influence that Marie has had is to hear from those that attended the programme.

Di Lemm, Organisational Development Consultant, Mercy Ascott

I have found the programme challenging, but as I work through the content and apply it, all the angst feels worthwhile
The modules just keep getting better and better, thank you Marie, I have always participated in learning situations and this is definitely one of the most comprehensive, challenging and well facilitated workshops I have attended
My experience of the Leadership Development Programme was a very positive one. I enjoyed the challenge of confronting self-awareness, learning about the subtle (and not so subtle) dynamics of the human condition and how the interplay forms the basis of our relationships with others.
Marie was a wonderful facilitator with a warm and engaging manner. The course she compiled was well-paced, varied and thought-provoking and she willingly provided extra insight and support when needed.
I feel very grateful towards the company for the opportunity to be involved in this programme and for the support that has flowed from it. The experience has set me on a journey that I continue to walk and it has made a very powerful case for the benefits of developing an emotionally intelligent attitude both inside and outside the workplace.
I highly recommend Marie Richards-Hodge as a very real asset to any learning organisation who wants to develop their staff members successfully.
Just wanted to say a genuinely felt thank you for the learning curve and the engaging way the material was presented. Learning is a major love of mine, but learning in such a synergistic environment tops that list!
Good easy facilitation, group well warmed up and interaction encouraged, contributions well received and affirmed. Differences encouraged and valued.

Executive Leadership Programme

Marie worked very well with the whole team. I think all the team has learned about each other and I think this will help us in the future especially now we understand our group preferences and how these impact. The feedback exercises were challenging and excellent.

Communication Programme

My reaction to the expertise and facilitation style of Marie is very positive. She was warmly responsive, provided helpful advice, discussions flowed well, there were lots of different learning activities and I particularly liked her great level of energy and enthusiasm. She clearly had a lot of experience and knowledge in the field which made me feel comfortable and willing to learn.

Emotional Intelligence

Overall this was an excellent training programme; I got a lot out of it! In fact I learnt a lot more than I initially expected to, and now with opportunities to practice the skills and build my confidence I know I will be much more effective. I feel very positive and would love to do more courses with Marie.

Coaching & Mentoring

I first met Marie when I was part of a leadership programme she facilitated for the company at which I was employed. I found the six-month course most enjoyable, and delighted in Marie’s knowledge, her ability and her commitment.

My next contact with Marie came when, during the last part of 2010, I found myself at a career crossroads. I was very aware that I needed a mentor who knew me to some extent; and I felt I could get along with. Marie became my mentor and I will cherish the memory of how she skilfully negotiated me – and herself – through a number of difficult situations. Her ability to sum up how I felt about various scenarios and events proved to me again and again that Marie really had my best interests at heart. She was always honest and trustworthy with me, and her knack of re-framing perceptions by choosing the exact right words at the right time is breathtaking.

When I decided to relocate to Melbourne and required an updated CV, Marie’s help in restructuring my CV was invaluable. I am deeply grateful for all Marie has done for me, and for the person I have become under her mentorship.

I found the training more helpful than I initially thought I would. In the past I have tuned out to the fluffy management type principles. However, this time I feel I have picked up useful tools. I am unsure whether it is because I am in the right place to take things or not but I found the delivery worked for me.