Communication theory that works

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure our communication preferences. It is used world-wide across small and large businesses, services, manufacturing, and the private and public sectors.

Collaborative Innovations is MBTI qualified and experienced, and can deliver communication workshops based on either the original paper questionnaire, or The Personality Profile, and online questionnaire.

The benefits of an MBTI-based workshop are usually seen in:

  • Increased self-understanding and behaviour choices, leading to increased personal confidence
  • Appreciation of others to make constructive use of individual differences
  • Communicating more effectively with others
  • Valuing different ways of approaching problems
  • Improved ability to understand, reduce and resolve conflict
  • Building more effective teams including improved productivity as team members work to their strengths
  • Detailed information on which to base career-planning decisions

Workshop Content

The MBTI provides a positive description of each individual’s natural preferences. Four sets of preferences are explored, and individuals work to discover their personal preferences in answer to the following questions:

  • What energises you? Do you prefer contact with other people or the inner world of your own thoughts and reflections?
  • How you gather information? Do you focus on observing details and facts or seeing the big picture and reading between the lines?
  • How you make decisions about the information you gather? Do you prefer logic and impartiality or feel the impact of a decision from the other person’s view
  • What is your preferred work style? Do you like to have decisions made and stick to agreed plans or prefer to leave things open and flexible to enable you to deal with last minute information?

The combination of these personal preferences produce one of sixteen different ‘types’, each with a unique set of behavioural characteristics and values. Sixteen ways of saying, “I’m okay, and you’re okay”.

An MBTI workshop provides a safe, teambuilding environment in which participants discover their own preferences, the preferences of others, and how to bridge the gaps.

The MBTI learning can also be delivered via individual coaching sessions.

Garth Aislabie Team Manager-Contact Centre, LIC
Whilst a single paragraph could never convey all you can learn from Marie, I can say that her approach, insight and passion regarding Management, MBTI and Leadership was exactly what I needed to help me take the next step. From day one to course’s end, I didn’t regret a moment of the time spent, and came away with new tools, a new outlook and a charge in my step. Simply put – Marie is amazing.
Javier Cuellar Engineering Manager, Farm Automation
I was one of the fortunate people that took part in the Authentic Leadership course with Marie. Understanding people’s personalities and their drivers is a valuable skill that can be learned from the MBTI module that Marie provided on the Authentic Leadership course. Marie’s manner of explaining the concepts and practical examples made it easy to assimilate the material, and her enthusiasm kept me engaged. If someone has the opportunity to do this course, they shouldn’t pass it up.

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