Emotional Intelligence

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As the pace of work speeds up and global competition puts extra pressure on most employees from the CEO down, there is a greater need to become more self-motivated, creative, and stress-tolerant. It is crucial to ensure every member of the team has the necessary skills and attitude to perform well.

Technical skills, experience and intellect are important parts of the ‘high performance’ equation, but research consistently shows that people with high emotional intelligence outperform those who have a lower level of this vital attribute.

Emotional intelligence is highly correlated with performance, and since we are all in the business of performance improvement, we all need to focus on emotional intelligence.” (Knight and Sparrow, Applied EI)

Collaborative Innovations is experienced in giving organisations the emotional intelligence tools to optimise business performance, and also offers specialist instruments and methodologies to enhance learning and impact individuals on a new level.

Individual Effectiveness (‘EIP’™)
This third generation online questionnaire is based on extensive work by JCA Occupational Psychologists and the Centre for Applied Emotional Intelligence (CAEI). It measures 16 aspects of personal and interpersonal effectiveness, and develops a pathway forward for higher performance.

The foundation of ‘EIP’ is that:

  • EIP is changeable and able to be developed
  • EIP is multifaceted
  • EIP predicts performance
  • EIP is measurable
  • EIP is an aspect of the whole person.

The ‘EIP’ questionnaire complements other predictive tests and personality measures (including MBTI®). However, while personality tests explore static characteristics, emotional intelligence looks at why people behave as they do, and the feelings that underpin people’s motivations.

The Human Element
Collaborative Innovations is accredited in The Human Element, an internationally leading methodology that improves the way people work together by creating an atmosphere where teams can operate to their full potential by using every member’s contribution.

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Denise Redwood RT Manager, Auckland Radiation Oncology
Our private health care venture is just a few years old and we enjoy good success and great engagement from our dedicated team. However early last year the cracks were beginning to show and the honeymoon was definitely over in some of our interoffice relationships and attitudes.

Marie listened to our difficulties and customised a four day team effectiveness programme that was rolled out to the entire group over the course of several months. Bonds were strengthened and understanding gained through laughter, honesty and the odd tear.

That was 18 months ago and people still talk about the things they learned during that time and still apply the strategies Marie taught.

We have some new team members now and they feel they missed out – must be time for an update!