Conflict Resolution

Resolve business issues through collaboration and innovation

High performing businesses require rapid problem solving and conflict resolution, and sound negotiation platforms that deliver optimum results – yet the time, energy and productivity lost to these issues is enormous in almost every organisation, from Board level through to ground floor operations.

Collaborative Innovations is highly skilled and experienced in delivering conflict resolution, negotiation, problem solving and collaborative skills to individuals, teams and organisations at all levels.

With a focus on optimum win-win outcomes, increasing effectiveness and improving relationships across your business environment, Collaborative Innovations is able to reduce costly defensive behaviours with a practical approach that is immediately applicable and immensely useful.

We provide both the skillset and the mindset for learning to become more collaborative and effective, so the time, energy and productivity in your organisation is spent where it belongs – on business matters.

Contact us to discuss how Collaborative Innovations can help you resolve your specific conflict, negotiation and problem solving issue.

Carmen Jacobsen Learning and Development Manager, Livestock Improvement Corporation
Marie is an excellent facilitator and coach and has an ability to work with people from all walks of life, whether it be delivering a Myers-Briggs programme to increase people’s self-awareness and awareness of others, through to leadership programmes aimed at a more strategic level.

Marie has a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise which she draws on readily in all her interactions with clients and this allows her to create and adapt programmes of work that will develop the participants both personally and professionally which ultimately benefits the organisation.

Marie has successfully worked with out organisation for a number of years and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to develop and grow themselves personally or the people in their organisation.