Targeted solutions and support

“Self-belief, self-motivation, choice, clarity, commitment, awareness, responsibility and action are the products of coaching”. John Whitmore

Mentoring/coaching is a proven success strategy because it targets individuals. Because of this Coaching plans are always unique, but key elements to include are:

  • Completing a self-assessment
  • Examining and clarifying organisational expectations
  • Determining factors that will enhance or inhibit success
  • Setting priorities
  • Defining strengths and areas for development
  • Setting specific, attainable, and measurable goals

Collaborative Innovations offer a professional coaching service that is personal, confidential, and generally face to face. Some of our areas of expertise are in:

  • Assisting managers with the challenges inherent in managing others
  • Working with people whose personal problems are affecting their work performance.
  • Nurturing and developing talent
  • Addressing interpersonal communication issues
  • Developing individuals who have strong technical skills and who want to step up to meet new leadership responsibilities.

Alyson Howell People Development Manager, Scion
Marie Richards-Hodge has made a difference to our workplace through the training she delivers and one to one coaching.

In both instances Marie listens, interprets and challenges in an intelligent and respectful manner.

Our staff who have been privileged to work with her describe her approach as forthright, yet full of grace.

Many have made significant changes to their approach which has supported our commitment to a collaborative culture.

Megan Scott General Manager Human Resources, LIC
I have worked with Marie for many years’ now in different learning forums.

Recently Marie led a change workshop with my HR team which we all found extremely relevant and could connect to. Marie made change easy to grasp and from that we have taken many of her good ideas and used them within our own organisational Change Framework.

Marie is also providing coaching within my team (including myself) for career development and personal development and we have all found her extremely good to work with. It is a pleasure to endorse the great services Marie offers.

Coaching Mentoring Programme

Marie introduced an internal mentoring programme to our workplace three years ago.

The aim of the programme was for all staff to be able to access the knowledge, experience and wisdom of others – usually more senior. Clear guidelines were developed so it had purpose and direction – and so its success or otherwise could be measured.

The programme is considered to be one of our most rewarding development initiatives from both a business and individual perspective”.

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